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While many enjoy the solitude and me time a lone cycle through the city or countryside on the MATE X or MATE City can deliver, it is important to highlight the many positive benefits cycling with friends brings. From that added motivation on a rainy day to those special moments shared. Find here the top 5 positive takeaways how you and your environment benefit from cycling with friends.

Added motivation
With the weather particularly temperamental as we move into spring, the added motivation of sticking to a plan helps overcoming any trepidation you may have on a drizzly morning. We know it is easier to roll over rather than jump out of bed on those mornings. Yet, that added motivation of not wanting to let your friends down will be a welcome tonic to nailing down a healthy cycling routine.

Discover new places
The more you cycle with friends and share your experiences, the more opportunities you will get to discover new places. From routes close to home that you have not yet explored to trails beyond the city limits. A a collective curiosity will fuel you to share and explore more parts unknown. 

Reach further
Cycling in groups provides the motivation to venture further. Travelling within a group enables you to push your limits and reach further. You can reach places that you might have been unable to get to on your own. From feeling safer in numbers to the stimulus of a group mentality, cycling together on your MATEs has the ability to keep you energised for longer.

Team mentality
When you are cycling with friends, you can combine your goals and offer each other support and encouragement. If you are not feeling "it" or feel that you are struggling, it is always good to feel the support of the pack to help you drive on. 

Good for the environment
With us all needing to make more conscious decisions on our environmental impact, the fact that cycling in a group offers a collective and impactful riposte to global warming is always heartening. Cycling consumes no fuel and is a pollution-free mode of transportation, making it an excellent alternative to regular transportation. When riding with friends, you are collectively reducing the carbon footprint and indirectly improving the environment.

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