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Error 25: Brake sensor

Brake sensor error might be caused by actual brake malfunction or by mere magnet interference between other components. If you are seeing this error on your display, please continue further for help.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Inspect cable connections by unplugging and replugging them. Look out for any cuts, bends or plug damage to the brake light, and brake sensors.

Check brake sensor cable and connector

  • Have you recently installed a throttle or brake light on your MATE?
    • Remove each component one at a time and perform a factory reset on the display.
    • If the error goes away, one of your components may be faulty.

If the error appears while throttle is in use:

  • Perform a factory reset on the display.

  • Move the throttle away from the brake handle, to ensure it does not interfere.
    • If the throttle was too close to the brake handle then it may trigger the sensor and for the brake lights to turn off. To correct, please perform brake sensor adjustment.
  • Correctly adjust the brakes if needed. See HOW-TO video here.

Check brake sensor connection/adjustment:

  • Unplug each brake and see if the error remains.
  • Release the small locking screw from underneath the lever

Adjust brake sensor

  • Adjust the sensor position with 7mm wrench until the error goes away

Adjust brake sensor

  • Tighten and secure the small locking screw
  • Repeat the steps if necessary

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