Cycling makes for a happier planet!
In the US alone, car trips of less than one mile add up to 10 billion miles per year adding up to 4 million metric tons of CO2 emission.

…And happier people

The future generation has to play a key role in changing the world. Support them by turning your campus into a green and happy place for pupils, students and teachers. With MATE they have an easy commute between campuses and their homes.

We help you to offer a self funding rental system on campus as well as a finance plan to own a MATE.


How much does your company spend on short taxi trips? Why not have a positive impact on the planet and your people by providing a MATE fleet?

For nearby mettings, lunch trips or simply fresh air rides to increase productivity.

We also support you in offering a special deal for your employees or a finance plan to encourage them to join the #5mileclub. For happier people and a happier planet.

Riding a bike allows you to move freely an is the greenest form of transportation. And with an MATE it is even more convenient and fun.

We will help you to turn your city into the next Copenhagen. Where life happens on the streets overground and not underground.

Help your hotel guests to experience hood of your hotel in a convenient and fun way.

Riding an MATE is a way of life. It combines speed, flexibility, freedom and the reward of doing the right thing, for yourself and the planet.

We will help you to design a very unique city discovery for your guests that they will remember and talk about.

Benefits for our MATE partners
Rental system: We will help you to set up a self funding rental system.

Corporate packages and discounts: We offer special deals for orders above 10 bikes and also offer special discounts for your employees or students.

Finance plan: We offer a finance plan for your employees or students to own their MATE.

Technical support: We will provide chargers and the support system for order above 20 bikes.


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