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Error 24: Hall sensor

If you are seeing this error on your display, please click “Read more” for troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • If possible, please cross test your motor with your 2nd MATE.
  • Inspect cable connections by unplugging and replugging them. Look out for any cuts, bends or plug damage.

  • Inspect the cables & connectors on the controller(in the frame) for any visible damage.

  • If error code appears while riding:
    • Let the motor cool down and restart the bike, lower the current limit settings to 18a on 750W and 15a for 250W to see if it goes away.
      • If it does, ensure the current limit settings are no higher than 20a to eliminate recurrence of the error.
  • If the error appears while throttle is in use:
    • Perform a factory reset on the display.
    • Move the throttle away from the brake handle, to ensure it does not interfere.
    • If possible, perform a cross-test with another MATE throttle

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