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MATE Support

Get Started

Congratulations on becoming a MATE owner. On this page you will find instructions on how to assemble your MATE along with tips on how to configure the bike for optimal performance.

Your Resources

When it comes to guidance on how to assemble, maintain, ride etc. your MATE there are 3 official sources you can get information from:

MATE owners manual



MATE Assistant (an app to register your bike – you can download it by scanning the QR code that comes with the bike OR register it here)

MATE Support – the website you are currently browsing

Any additional sources you come across are not officially associated with MATE.

MATE.Bike is not responsible for any damages incurred by customers following instructions from any unassociated sources.

Safety instructions

Get to know your MATE

In your owners manual you’ll find a breakdown of the components making up your MATE (extra parts and perks are not listed). Before you start assembling the bike we recommend you check that all parts are in the box and not damaged.

Below you can see the list of components – please check against this list and your order invoice to make sure all parts are there. Once confirmed you’re ready to start assembling your bike.

Assembling your MATE

Detailed instructions on how to assemble your MATE can be found in the owner’s manual pages 13-19.

In case you’ve lost the manual please contact Customer Support so a new one can be sent to you.

For video support please see our HOW-TO videos.

How do I charge my MATE?

Find help and advice on how to ensure the proper use of your battery and charger here.

Your checklist before riding

Before each ride

HOW-TO videos

For instructions and inspiration on how to tweak your MATE settings to perfection please check out our HOW- TO Videos.

MATE Assistance

So you’ve ridden your MATE and are starting to wonder if some settings are correct? Look no further and check out our MATE Assistance.

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