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Battery range issues

We are finding that many range issues may have nothing to do with battery, but actually bike settings in the display or a charger that is not working properly. If you are using 100% assist, Ludacris mode, ride your MATE only using the throttle, have any brake rub, tires are under pressure or have the current set at the highest when used for long periods of time, the range is cut by half of the suggested. Carrying weight, road surface and weather conditions (wind, temperature) also affect travel range greatly.

Key thing to know is that the battery percentage value on the display will fluctuate as you start the bike from being powered off or after a charge. The display will register a different value for a brief amount of time until the system recalibrates based on your current use and actual power level.

For an accurate reading on the battery health/life please set the indicator to “Voltage” and not percentage.

When using the Voltage display a healthy battery will register ranges from 54.6V when full and down to 41.6V when empty. A good practice that we highly recommend is to always charge around the time or before you see the voltage down to 44V.

If you have a 14.5Ah battery in a 750W bike your range will not be as advertised for the 17.5Ah battery.

The Mate X will approximately use battery consumption based on the averages listed below.

  • Mixed pedal/throttle: approx. 10Wh/km
  • Throttle only: approx. 20Wh/km

Key settings that affect battery drain:

Recommended settings in bold.

    • Tire size 24” (if set to a smaller size the battery will drain faster)
    • Current/Amp
      • 250W 15A (long life) or 18A (more power, will drain faster) **Anything more will drain the battery very rapidly and can overheat the motor/controller 750W 18A (long life), 20A (medium life with power)
        • **Anything more will drain the battery very rapidly and can overheat the motor/controller. We strongly advise to use recommended settings. to use recommended settings. Speed limit 25kp/h (EU) or 32kp/h (US) depending on country legal limitations.
      • If you set the speed limit to any higher value, battery life will be drained rapidly.
    • PAS levels – If a value of 90% or higher is used for more than a short burst then the battery life will be drained rapidly.
  • Black + White display Voltage settings:
    • 1 = 40.0v
    • 2 = 44.5v
    • 3 = 46.5v
    • 4 = 47.5v
    • 5 = 49v
  • Brake rubbing on disk rotor – See Helpdesk Video on how to adjust
  • Tire Inflation – No less than what is recommended for the tire (printed on the sidewall of the tire) to be able to achieve longer battery life. If lower than suggested battery range will decrease due to drag.
  • Tire tread – If you are using dirt tires on a pavement they will have more drag than street tires and will limit the range of the battery since the motor has to work harder.

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