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Top 7 Planet & People Loving Reasons to buy a MATE e-bike

Top 7 Planet & People Loving Reasons to buy a MATE e-bike

If you’re browsing this page, you already know that e-bikes are the future of commuting. You may already have decided that your next vehicle for getting around won’t be a car, electric or otherwise. You may also be grappling with the cost of an e-bike, and be thinking “I could buy a car for that!” In some instances, this is perfectly true, if the car is a second-hand gas-guzzler. Using an e-bike is about the big picture of our planet’s health in a mounting climate crisis, as well as our own personal ongoing health and wellbeing. And we all know the true cost of using a car versus an e-bike is much higher in the long-term.

How often does a knot of climate and lifestyle problems have one economical, planet-friendly, healthy and low-tech solution? Very rarely indeed, but a MATE e-bike provides a solution for all of them, and cycling is proven to be the world’s most sustainable form of transport.

Top 7 Planet and People Friendly Reasons to use a MATE e-bike.

  1. The average British person commutes 782 miles per year, emitting 173,134.8 grams of Co2 a year. Compared to zero Co2 emissions from an e-bike.
  2. With no tax, vehicle license, parking, fuel, and annual MOT costs to pay, running a MATE e-bike is substantially cheaper than running a car after two months of ownership. After 18 months it pays for itself.
  3. A MATE e-bike uses recyclable packaging.
  4. A MATE bike can travel up to 80km/50 miles to 120km/75 miles on a single charge, making it possible to get to and from work on a single charge on an average UK national daily commute of 23 miles, with variation depending on weight of passenger, weather conditions and hills climbed.
  5. Using an e-bike means being constantly on-the-move, no traffic jams, resulting in lower pollution, lower fuel use, less noise, and less crowded roads.
  6. Using an e-bike promotes behaviour change, which creates a wider cultural change, which in the long term creates a societal change, as evidenced in cities like Copenhagen, the birthplace of MATE bikes, where 82% of commuters cycle.
  7. MATE works with Cyclesheme UK, which lets you pay for your MATE bike monthly, through salary sacrifice reducing the cost by a minimum of 33%. There is no National Insurance, tax or interest to pay on your purchase.

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