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Tire not straight or out of round

If you are seeing or feeling the tire is uneven, not completely round or not running completely straight, you might need to perform these steps to resolve it or take it to your local bike service.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Inspect the rim for distortions and the tire line to be even all around

  • If the wheel is buckled/bent or dented, take it to your local bike shop for service (wheel truing or wheel replacement).
  • If the rim is true/round, release the air from the tire

Release some air from tires

  • Use soapy water on the sidewalls of the tire and the rim to ease alignment

Apply some water & soap on the sides of the rim and tire

  • Inflate the tire half the required pressure and check if the tire is aligned properly, if needed use some hand pressure to push the tire onto the rim sidewall.
  • Inflate the tire and check if the problem is resolved, repeat the last steps again if needed – it might take some practice and patience to mount tires.

Inflate the tire back up again

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