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Loose headset

Loose headset can be described as free-play in the fork, back-forth movement of the handlebar and fork, steering column movement, wobbling steering, front-end feels out of alignment. What the actual issue usually is – the headset bearings became loose.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Check if it is the headset
    • Hold on the front brake and try to move the bike front to back
    • If the bike/frame is moving, not feeling stable, making sounds of movement – headset needs to be adjusted

Hold the front brake and try to move the bike

Check for any play in the headset bearing area

  • Adjust headset
    • Locate two horizontal pinch bolts on the stem base
    • Untighten the two bolts with 6mm Hex key

Release the two stem bolts

    • Fold the handlebar down
    • Tighten the big top bolt inside the stem with 10mm Hex key, half or quarter of a turn (depending how loose it is)

Fold the handlebar and tighten headset preload bolt

    • Tighten the two pinch bolts on the stem
    • Check if the headset is still loose
      • No movement in the headset – your headset issues are resolved.
      • Still moving – repeat procedure until there is no movement in the headset area and the handlebar is still spinning freely

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