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MATE Cleaning Set

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In order to keep your MATE running smoothly year-round, we suggest investing in the MATE CLEANING SET. The set includes three MATE products that have been designed to maintain your MATE components and deliver that “new bike” feeling before every new adventure. 

The Coat of Shining Armour silicone wax should be applied after you have wiped off any excess mud or dirt that has clung to the frame or suspension after a ride. A light coating of the wax will return the surfaces to that factory fresh shine and will also act as a friction reducer for the suspension parts and limit any build up of dirt on the moving parts.

The Beautiful Chain Reaction chain cleaner is a formula of advanced solvents that have been designed to break down and remove any grease, dirt or grime on the chain. It’s important to maintain the chain for smooth gear shifts and to keep your drivetrain clean and functional. 

The Sauce of Silence brake cleaner ensures solid brake performance. By removing dust or dirt and by rehydrating the disc brake rollers and calipers, your brakes will perform to their highest standard and won’t omit any of those embarrassing, poorly-maintained brake squeals.


All MATE bikes come with the “MATE-promise” return guarantee. We’re sure you’ll love your new MATE, but if you’re not happy, we guarantee a refund on orders returned to us within 14 days of delivery. 

All returned MATE bikes must be returned in a resellable condition: in their original packaging without damage or wear. If you wish to return your order, please contact our Customer Support through the Support button in the bottom right corner of the page.